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There have been numerous examples in history where individuals have ousted their present government so as to make another, better government in its place; we can see this particularly in the American and French Revolutions and even in the Communist Revolution in Russia. Upset is â€Å"a coercive oust of a legislature or social request for another system.† This sort of conduct is planned by Thomas Paine and John Lockeâ€who had confidence in recouping normal rights for allâ€but likewise by Karl Marx who emphatically accepted all organizations ought to be separated totally; these powerful pioneers had inverse thoughts for the fate of their countries as well as the countries of the world, the two of them had supporters to spread and execute their thoughts in the public arena. Albeit the two sides drove critical upsets, eventually the transformation that recovered undeniable realities beat the unrest that’s purpose was to pulverize religion, family, and every other fou ndation. Karl Marx, the organizer of socialism, unequivocally accepted that his upset would be the last; he trusted it would fuse the entire world. As per Marx, four stages would occur for there to be all out socialism: feudalism, radicalism, communist transformation, and afterward socialism. Progressivism (and free enterprise) would replace feudalism and would improve the couple of to the detriment of the working poor. After this, the communist unrest would guarantee that the low class (working poor) would hold onto every single personal business and redistribute the riches similarly among all. Simply after this occurred, could socialist really take rule at the worldwide level. â€Å"The current bourgeoisie society that has grown from the remnants of medieval society has not discarded class anta... ...dubiousness in the French insurgency. The Declaration of Independence has served a significant job in history just as in present day society and reveals the American qualities we despite everything live by. In spite of the heartless endeavor for complete socialism, socialism fizzled. It end up being wasteful. Plainly obvious certainties end up being increasingly fruitful in government and have kept going the trial of time. Marx neglected to comprehend the significance of establishments in the public eye and the need of human qualities. By pulverizing family and religion, Marx is additionally annihilating human want to succeed. Society is continually intending to improve. In the event that all were equivalent in the financial sense, society would be at a level since rivalry would seize. Individuals need to move in the direction of some objective or for a reason, for example, family or property. To recuperate undeniable facts is to guarantee the development and capability of society. Exposition - There have been numerous examples in history where individuals have toppled their present government so as to make another, better government in its place; we can see this particularly in the American and French Revolutions and even in the Communist Revolution in Russia. Unrest is â€Å"a coercive topple of a legislature or social request for another system.† This sort of conduct is planned by Thomas Paine and John Lockeâ€who had faith in recuperating normal rights for allâ€but additionally by Karl Marx who unequivocally accepted all establishments ought to be separated totally; these compelling pioneers had inverse thoughts for the eventual fate of their countries as well as the countries of the world, the two of them had supporters to spread and actualize their thoughts in the public arena. Albeit the two sides drove noteworthy insurgencies, at last the unrest that recovered plainly obvious realities beat the upset that’s expectation was to devastate religion, f amily, and every other organization. Karl Marx, the author of socialism, unequivocally accepted that his transformation would be the last; he trusted it would consolidate the entire world. As indicated by Marx, four stages would occur for there to be all out socialism: feudalism, radicalism, communist upheaval, and afterward socialism. Progressivism (and private enterprise) would replace feudalism and would advance the couple of to the detriment of the working poor. After this, the communist transformation would guarantee that the low class (working poor) would hold onto every single personal business and redistribute the riches similarly among all. Simply after this occurred, could socialist really take rule at the worldwide level. â€Å"The present day bourgeoisie society that has grown from the remnants of medieval society has not discarded class anta... ...dubiousness in the French insurgency. The Declaration of Independence has served a significant job in history just as in current society and reveals the American qualities we despite everything live by. In spite of the savage endeavor for complete socialism, socialism fizzled. It end up being wasteful. Undeniable certainties end up being progressively effective in government and have endured the trial of time. Marx neglected to comprehend the significance of establishments in the public eye and the need of human qualities. By annihilating family and religion, Marx is likewise devastating human want to succeed. Society is continually intending to improve. On the off chance that all were equivalent in the monetary sense, society would be at a level since rivalry would seize. Individuals need to progress in the direction of some objective or for a reason, for example, family or property. To recuperate plainly obvious realities is to guarantee the development and capability of society.

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The Funny Thing Of The U.S.president Example

The Funny Thing Of The U.S.president Example The Funny Thing Of The U.S.president †Coursework Example The entertaining thing of the U.S.president The United of America has been served by an aggregate of 44 presidents since the eighteenth century. All U. S presidents serve the nation in an important working environment and authority habitation called the white House. White House is situated in Washington; D.C at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. In any case, President Barack Obama has served the United State since January 20, 2009. He was introduced as the subsequent President to serve the United State in the 21st century and as the 44th President since the eighteenth century. Barack Obama was a child to a dark Kenyan dad and a white American mother and experienced childhood in Hawii. He went to a school, and earned degrees from Harvard Law School and Columbia University. In 1992 he wedded â€Å"Michelle La Vaughn Robinson and in 1996 he began his profession (Kurtzman).President Barack Obama has various characteristics that makes him extremely diverting particularly when giving his discou rse. The vast majority of these strange characteristics have been distinguished by the political amusingness site. For example, during the White House correspondents’ supper in 2013, he delivered a discourse that everybody discovered being exceptionally clever and interesting. He said that it was a reality for him to regard the press and that he perceived the contrast between their activity and his. He said that his activity was to be the president while the activity of the press was to keep him humble (Kurtzman).Another silly statement that Obama made was in Washington, D.C in 2010 during the Tea Part’s Tax Day fight. He said that there was a socialist living in the incomparable White House; an explanation that left everybody holding their ribs (Kurtzman). In any case, the political amusingness site offer Obama’s clever photographs, pics, late-night jokes, and political kid's shows. The political kid's shows ridicule the most recent policy centered issues exper ienced by president Obama and his whole organization. The most amusing things that the U.S presidents do are imperative to the residents as in they cause residents to recollect them for the entertaining things they accomplished more than what they did as notable things. Surely, the previous George W. Shrubbery and the present president will likewise be recollect, particularly during the Happy Presidents Day, for their strange activities. Work CitedKurtzman, Daniel. Upbeat Star Wars Day! May the Fourth Be With You! Political Humor, 2014. Web. 5 May. 2014.

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A Struggle for Social Economic Equality of Black People in America Free Essays

The battle for social and financial uniformity of Black individuals in America has been long and moderate. It is here and there stunning that any advancement has been made in the racial balance field by any stretch of the imagination; each speculative advance forward is by all accounts weakened by misfortunes somewhere else. For each â€Å"Stacey Koons† that is indicted, there is by all accounts a Texaco official holding on to send Blacks back to the past. We will compose a custom article test on A Struggle for Social Economic Equality of Black People in America or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now All through the battle for equivalent rights, there have been bold Black pioneers at the bleeding edge of each discrete development. From early activists, for example, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and W.E.B. DuBois, to 1960s social liberties pioneers and radicals, for example, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers, the advancement that has been made toward full equity has come about because of the visionary initiative of these bold people. This doesn't suggest, be that as it may, that there has at any point been broad understanding inside the Black people group on procedure or that the activities of unmistakable Black pioneers have met with solid help from the individuals who might profit by these activities. This report will look at the impact of two â€Å"early era† Black activists: Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois. Through an investigation of the ideological contrasts between these two men, the author will contend that, in spite of the fact that they differ over the heading of the battle for balance, the contrasts between these two men really improved the status of Black Americans in the battle for racial uniformity. We will take a gander at the occasions prompting and encompassing the â€Å"Atlanta Compromise† in 1895. So as to comprehend the distinctions in the ways of thinking of Washington and Dubois, it is valuable to know something about their experiences. Booker T. Washington, brought into the world a slave in 1856 in Franklin County, Virginia, could be depicted as a practical person. He was just ready to go to class three months out of the year, with the staying nine months spent working in coal mineshafts. He built up Blacks turning out to be gifted tradesmen as a valuable venturing stone toward regard by the white larger part and inevitable full fairness. Washington worked his way through Hampton Institute and helped found the Tuskeegee Institute, an exchange school for blacks. His fundamental technique for the headway of American Blacks was for them to accomplish upgraded status as talented tradesmen for the present, at that point utilizing this status as a stage from which to go after full balance later. Altogether, he contended for accommodation to the white greater part so as not to outrage the force world class. In spite of the fact that he lectured pacification and a â€Å"hands off† disposition toward governmental issues, Washington has been blamed for employing imperious control over â€Å"his people† and of associating with the white tip top. William Edward Burghardt DuBois, then again, was a greater amount of a visionary. DuBois was conceived in Massachusetts in 1868, soon after the finish of the Civil War and the official finish of bondage. A talented researcher, formal instruction assumed an a lot more noteworthy job in DuBois’s life than it did in Washington’s. In the wake of turning into a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Fisk and Harvard, he was the principal Black to win a Ph.D. from Harvard in 1895. DuBois composed more than 20 books and in excess of 100 academic articles on the verifiable and sociological nature of the Black understanding. He contended that an informed Black world class should lead Blacks to freedom by propelling a philosophical and scholarly hostile against racial segregation. DuBois sent the contention that â€Å"The Negro issue was not and couldn't be kept particular from other change developments. . .† DuBois â€Å"favored quick social and political mix and the advanced education of a Talented Tenth of the dark populace. His principle intrigue was in the instruction of ‘the bunch pioneer, the man who sets the thoughts of the network where he lives. . .'† To this end, he composed the â€Å"Niagara movement,† a gathering of 29 Black business and expert men, which prompted the arrangement of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The essence of the battle for the ideological focal point of the racial correspondence development is maybe best exemplified in Mr. DuBois’s compelling The Souls of Black Folk. In it, he makes an energetic contention for his vision of an informed Black first class. DuBois additionally depicts his resistance to Booker T. Washington’s â€Å"Atlanta Compromise† as follows: â€Å"Mr. Washington speaks to in Negro idea the old mentality of modification and submission†¦Ã¢â‚¬  According to DuBois, Washington thought outside the box set by his forerunners: â€Å"Here, drove by Remond, Nell, Wells-Brown, and Douglass, another time of self-affirmation and self-advancement dawned†¦. Be that as it may, Booker T. Washington emerged as basically the pioneer not of one race yet of twoâ€a compromiser between the South, the North, and the Negro.† DuBois revealed that Blacks â€Å"resented, from the start sharply, indications of bargain which gave up their common and political rights, despite the fact that this was to be traded for bigger odds of monetary development.† DuBois’s point and, as indicated by him, the aggregate assessment of most of the Black people group, was that sense of pride was a higher priority than any potential future financial advantages. Before Washington’s appeasing position increased an a dependable balance, â€Å"the attestation of the masculinity privileges of the Negro without anyone else was the principle reliance.† as such, DuBois disliked what he saw as Washington â€Å"selling† Black pride: â€Å"†¦Mr. Washington’s program normally takes a monetary cast, turning into a good news of Work and Money to such a degree as evidently totally to eclipse the higher points of life.† The trade off included, in DuBois’s words, â€Å"that dark individuals surrender, at any rate for the present, three things,†â€Å"First, political influence, Second, emphasis on social equality, Third, advanced education of Negro youth,â€and focus every one of their energies on modern training, the collection of riches, and the assuagement of the South.† The last point involved the highlight both of Washington’s technique for a definitive reclamation of Black Americans and of DuBois’s judgment of that system. In fact, Washington sponsored up his attestations by establishing the Tuskeegee Institute as an exchange school for youthful Black men. DuBois couldn't stand this kind of settlement. In his psyche, this progression was equivalent to the Black people group telling the white network that, consequently, Blacks would stop professing to be equivalent to whites as individuals; rather, they would acknowledge a plainly second rate economic wellbeing as being deserving of keeping up the white majority’s physical world, yet shameful of genuine correspondence, of leading socio-social talk with the standard society. The mystery more likely than not been infuriating for the two men, particularly Mr. Washington. He no uncertainty got that, as a gathering, Blacks would never want to advance to the point of correspondence from their situation of contemptible destitution. In addition, without aptitudes, their expectations of getting away from their financial inadequacy were to be sure meager. Washington’s plan for blacks to at any rate become talented craftsmans and tradesmen probably appeared to be legitimate to him from the outlook of improving the financial parcel of the normal Black man. Simultaneously, he more likely than not understood that, by tolerating inadequacy as a true condition for the whole race, he may have broken the dark soul until the end of time. In thinking about this issue, the author is helped to remember later occasions in American historyâ€the governmental policy regarding minorities in society fold that happened after Clarence Thomas’s arrangement to the U.S. Incomparable Court, for instance. Mr. Thomas, obviously a recipient of governmental policy regarding minorities in society, declared that he was in any case contradicted to it. His contention was that on the off chance that he had not been qualified for benefits under governmental policy regarding minorities in society programs, he would have still accomplished his present situation in the inward hover of this society’s white force tip top. So also, Booker T. Washington appreciated access to the force first class of his time, however one must ponder whether President Roosevelt, for instance, in his collaborations with Mr. Washington, was not just utilizing the circumstance for advertising esteem. â€Å"[Mr. Washington] was ‘intimate’ with Roosevelt from 1901 to 1908. On the day Roosevelt got down to business, he welcomed Washington to the White House to inform him on political meetings with respect to Negroes in the south.† After everything, he didn't turn into a famous president by being careless in regards to such political moving. Maybe Mr. DuBois was the more judicious visionary. Maybe he comprehended what Mr. Washington didn't, that after the basic recorded force toward social acknowledgment that had been built up preceding the late nineteenth century, if political weight were not kept up, the reason for genuine uniformity would be lost until the end of time. Additionally, DuBois comprehended that equity would not be earned through submission. From our point of view of more than 100 years, we should concede that he may have been correct. For instance, in the consequence of the â€Å"Atlanta Massacre† of September 22, 1906 and a comparable episode in Springfield, Illinois, â€Å"it was obvious to practically all the players that the tide was running emphatically for fight and militancy.† â€Å"For six days in August, 1908, a white crowd, made up, the press stated, of a large number of the town’s ‘best citizens,’ flooded through the avenues of Springfield, Illinois, killing and injuring scores of Blacks and driving hundreds from t

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Medical Anthropology

Medical Anthropology Medical Anthropology Essay writing on anthropology includes a vast number of college paper examples, including anthropology essays in such spheres as medical anthropology, social anthropology, psychological anthropology etc. The person taking an active interest in medical anthropology before starting to write a college paper on this topic has to acquire some initial knowledge about essay writing in this sphere. It is interesting to find out that medical anthropology in reality is the mixture of social and cultural anthropology and has been developed in order to keep track of the social response to health care and provision of heath services. Medical anthropology is a relatively new sphere of anthropology on the whole, so there is a small number of anthropology essays, which may complicate the research in the sphere of medical anthropology. However, it is still possible to produce a good result of essay writing in this sphere and to find out more about medical anthropology as a specific branch of anthropology in case one undertakes research to investigate the origin and characteristics of this science. The term medical anthropology has been used for the first time in 1963 by Scotch and Norman and denoted the scientific connection between social and medical implications of human life. However, some scientists state that in reality medical anthropology was mentioned in the 19th century already and the term was brought from Denmark. No matter what roots medical anthropology has, the fact is that nowadays medical anthropology denoted empirical and theoretical anthropological research connected with health-related social issues. Alongside with the important role of general anthropology as a source of valuable information about human beings and their behavior, be it predicted or not, the innovative trends are still acquiring importance and significance, which has been documented in many anthropology essays recently. Medical anthropology is not an exception because together with other newly developed branches of anthropology it is seriously considered as a separate constructive, useful and socially important science in the contemporary reality. The reason of such popularity medical anthropology enjoys today is the fact that the contemporary society is unable to comprehend the current trends in health services provision, do not agree with the quality and level of healthcare services they get nowadays, and are dissatisfied with the reduction of innovation and technological advancement in the medical sphere of the majority of countries. All this, together with the ever-growing prices for drugs, brings popularity and additional material for consideration by medical anthropology and the growing number of anthropology essays dedicated to this topic.

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Analysis of Bulgaria Air and the Eastern-European Airline...

International Strategic Management 1. Legislation and regulatory rules in the industry Bilateral air service agreements remain the primary vehicles for liberalizing international air transport services. In the past 15 years more than 157 â€Å"open skies† agreements have been concluded between 96 states, the US being one of the states in 82 of the cases. Along with the continuing liberalization of air transport regulation, the protection and improvement of airline passenger rights has gained greater importance, particularly but not exclusively in major markets. A significant number of States, in recent years, have adopted regulatory measures that address some of the issues such as denied boarding†¦show more content†¦Hand baggage (including personal items) The carrier is liable if it was responsible for the damage. Make sure to file your claim within 7 days of receiving your luggage (or 21 days if your luggage was delayed). If you wish to pursue other legal action, you must do so within 2 years of the date your luggage arrives. If you are travelling with expensive items, you might be able – for a fee – to obtain a compensation limit higher than â‚ ¬1,223 by making a special advance declaration to the airline – at the latest when you check in. Though, the best thing is really to take out private travel insurance. 14 Nov 2013 – Eu approved usage of consumer electronics during take-off, landing and above 3000. The European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) has approved the use of electronic devices during take-off and landing and will publish its guidance regarding safety testing and which devices can and can t be used during all phases of flight by the end of November 2013. The approval follows Federal Aviation Administration’s ruling in October that personal electronic devices such as e-book readers, tablet computers and portable games consoles could be used â€Å"during all phases of flight†. Mobile phones will also be allowed, as long as their cellular radios are disabled or they are put into airplane mode. Larger electronic devices, such as laptop computers, will need to be stowed during taxiing, take-off and landing dueShow MoreRelatedRyanair business plan4830 Words   |  20 PagesThe Use Of Analysis For Ryanair Strategic Maneouveurs Business Essay The purpose of this report is to analyse Ryanair’s strategic position, in addition describing and evaluating its strategies between 2006 and 2010. The first part of the report will include PESTEL, SWOT and Porter’s five forces to evaluate the most important factors that affect Ryanair’s strategic position. Furthermore, at the second part, Ryanair’s corporate and business level strategies will be analysed and evaluated. The RyanairRead MoreStrategic Management of Ryan Air7253 Words   |  30 Pages- The Low Fares Airline Strategic Analysis / 222621-0004 Strategic Management dr Maria Aluchna Ivan Martinov â„â€" 50170, e-mail: S. M. Sabbir â„â€" 50185, e-mail: Assignment | 222621-0004 Strategic Management | Fall Semester 2010 | SGH Table of Contents 1. 2. Introduction ........................................................................................................................................... 3 Strategic Analysis ..............Read MoreRyanair Analyses44239 Words   |  177 PagesMaster’s thesis M.Sc. in EU Business Law An analysis of the European low fare airline industry - with focus on Ryanair Student: Thomas C. Sà ¸rensen Student number: 256487 Academic advisor: Philipp Schrà ¶der Aarhus School of Business September 13, 2005 1 Table of contents 1. Introduction 1.1. Preface 1.2. Research problem 1.3. Problem formulation 1.4. Delimitation 6 6 7 7 2. Science and methodology approach 2.1. Approaches to science 2.1.1. Ontology Objectivism ConstructivismRead MoreSouthwest Airline Case Study15774 Words   |  64 PagesHistory Southwest Airlines has been a model of admiration for the airline industry and businesses from around the world combined. Southwest Airlines is a rag to riches story that has had to fight for everything it has become. Before Southwest was able to take on its first passengers, they had to fight competitors in the court system for nearly three and a half years. In 1966, Fortune Magazine states, â€Å"A San Antonio lawyer, Herb Kelleher, founded Southwest with one of his clients (now a Board member)Read MoreThe Airline Industry: Facing The Challenges Of The 21st Century20678 Words   |  83 PagesThe Airline Industry: Facing The Challenges Of The 21st Century Peter W Jones Volume 1 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE Information Booklet Series III October 2004 GLOBAL THINKING RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION.....................................................................................................................3 AIR JAMAICA AND GOVERNMENT SPENDING..............................................................4 SOCIAL AND LABOUR CONSEQUENCESRead MoreGrowth of a Hotel Chain Via Globalization6780 Words   |  28 Pages6540 Lecturer: H. Bayne Table of Content Introduction 3 History 3 Management Board 6 Brand Philosophy 7 Corporate Social Responsibility 7 Kempinskis goal 8 Awards 9 Different Kempinski’s logos 10 Notable properties 11 Related Industry 14 Luxury residence units for rent 14 Luxury residences for sale 14 Segmentation 16 Recent Business Activities 19 Kempinski business model 19 Kempinski as a member of Global Hotel Alliance 20 Kempinski DNA 23 Implementation of Infor10Read MoreMarketing in Travel Tourism4071 Words   |  17 Pagesfor travel and tourism and the influences that marketing has on society. The impact of the marketing environment on travel and tourism businesses. The relevance of marketing research and marketing information to managers in the travel and tourism industry. The relevance of tourist markets compared to business markets for the specific destination. The market segments that would apply to Deutsch Link and how they can be targeted through marketing activities. Marketing For Travel and Tourism Read MoreComment on How Changes in Macro and Market Environment Forces Impact on the Level of Competition in an Industry.18606 Words   |  75 Pages PART 2 Marketing Analysis 3 4 5 6 7 8 The marketing environment Understanding consumer behaviour Understanding organizational buying behaviour Understanding marketing ethics and corporate social responsibility Marketing research and information systems Market segmentation and positioning 72 108 145 180 216 259 CHAPTER â€Å" Change is the only constant. 3 1 2 3 4 5 A. TOFFLER † The marketing environment LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter, you should be able to: describeRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pagesand the importance of now recognized global leaders such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China—the so-called â€Å"BRIC† economies—as well as the â€Å"second wave† emerging markets, such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. We have also included the most current insights on the role of technology in global business and the increasing importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in global management. We haveRead MoreMarketing and Pandora12905 Words   |  52 PagesParticipating in the WTO since 2004, Latvia has significant numbers in the current economy.  With a GDP ppp of U.S. $ 14.700 (2010) and a real GDP growth rate increased from - 16.74% (2009) to 1.38% (2010), which is composed of 4% agriculture, 21.7% from industry and 74. 4% accounts for trade and services (Index Mundi data released in 2010) that means a plus to Pandora s business. Both economic and political aspects as the turn of events in relation to changes in consumer habits, income, a significant increase

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Not So Invincible Teen - 1647 Words

Not-So Invincible Teens After the Homecoming game, the star quarterback, Weston, wants to celebrate after the big win. His best friend told him that he was having a party, so he showered and grabbed some grub from the kitchen. â€Å"Wes, where are you going?† his mom asks. â€Å"Brandon’s.† Weston responds. â€Å"Who’s all going? Will his parents be there? There won’t be alcohol, will there?† asks his mom with a nervous look. â€Å"Mother,† Weston yells â€Å"You’re so annoying just shut up. I’m leaving.† His mother looks at him, with tears in her eyes. Little did Weston know that those were the last words he will ever tell her. He hops into his gray truck and heads over to Brandon’s. Once he arrives, he sees his girlfriend, Lindsey and walks over to her. Weston†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Do not do this, I’ll drive. I haven’t drank at all tonight.† Weston rolls his eyes and says , â€Å"Nothing is going to happen to me.† This proved to be wrong as at 2:32 AM, the police are knocking on Weston’s front door. His mom has not slept a wink, just waiting for her son to get home. As she opens the door, she hears the news that her son has passed away in a car wreck due to being intoxicated. For a few minutes, she is in an elusive state. Once she starts to comprehend that her son is really gone, she falls to the ground; her tears flooding the house. Unfortunately, situations like these are not uncommon. In an article called â€Å"Teens Driving Fact and Fatality Statistics† it describes how teens think that they are invincible, but a little under twenty teens die every day due to DUI crashes. This selfish act of drinking and driving could not only kill the driver, but random civilians on the road. Underage drinking does not just involve driving though. While many teens think drinking is harmless fun, it can lead to suspension of extracurriculars, health problems, and possibly death. As high school students, it is fun to get out and join extracurricular activities such as sports and different clubs. When students are drinking though, they are not eligible to participate. This is not uncommon to see in high schools because as stated before, teens think nothing will happen to them. In the newspaper Island’s

Hip-Hop Negativitiy Towards the Youth free essay sample

Hip-Hop is the probably the most influential genre In our society today. Arthur Baker said, l remember being told Someones goanna make a fortune out of this rap thing and thinking no way, (Rap Quotes 1 Arthur Baker was one of the most noticeable and widely-emulated of the first hip-hop producers (Arthur 1). Little did he know what the negative effect that this form of music would have on todays youth. With violence and drug use rising, one must wonder, Whats the cause Though hip-hop Is definitely not the only cause, it doesnt help.With some minor changes In artists lyrics and persona, todays youth wouldnt be subjected to negative views of society, but rather the positive side of life. Hip-hop has a negative effect on todays youth and something must be done about it. What is hip-hop? Webster defines hip-hop as, a subculture especially of inner-city youths whose amusements Include rap music, graffiti, and break dancing, (542). While the World Book defines rap music as, . .. A form of popular music that Is generally spoken or chanted at a fast pace rather than sung.Rap music is performed over musical accompaniment that emphasizes rhythm rather than melody. Often rap music consists of short segments of earlier recorded music combined in new patterns, (141). Both definitions, however valid, do not fully describe what hip-hop means to the people who listen to It, Its fans. One fan calls hip-hop, The expression of the relationship between urban youth and their environment. The art of the streets. (Hip-Hop 2). Hip-hop has a very deep meaning to the youth that listens to it, and thus carries a tremendous responsibility as well.To start understanding hip-hop, one must first understand the history of it. HIP- hop originated In the early asses through a mixture of spoken word and Jazz rimming and Instrumentation. The art of tagging also began around the asses. Vic, a New York City mail courier, set a goal for himself to visit every subway and ride every bus in New York. He began to write his name and his courier ID number on every subway and bus he rode on. In the mid asses, a man by the name of Clive Campbell began to DC his own parties, playing soul, old funk and records on his turntables.Campbell also brought his knowledge of the Jamaican sound system scene to the Bronx (unofficial 1-5) Hip-hop branched off into a form called rap near the end of the asses. More and more artists became interested in the new form of music out of New York. By the early asses, record labels were being formed left and right and rap was made public to the world. In 1 981, rap received media attention spanning from appearances on Saturday Night Live to exclusive coverage by 20/20. Throughout the asses many Show, by Doug E. Fresh and You! Bum Rush the Show, by Public Enemy. The sasss saw even more change in the hip-hop industry.Early in the decade, artists fought for permission to sell their albums since most authorities deemed them obscene. By he mid asses the divide between the east coast and west coast giants rap styles increased and became ever more violent leading to the shooting deaths of Tuba Shaker in 1996 and Christopher Wallace a. K. A. Notorious B. I. G. In 1997 (Unofficial, 6-15). If a person was born anywhere between the sasss to the sasss, he or she is considered a part of the Hip Hop Generation. Music is a gift that has been given to us, but the question is, where is hip hop music going? Hip-hop is now one of the biggest and fastest growing businesses in the world. Its creativity in sound, and its years have impressed and empowered many of todays youth. But is hip-hop music taking todays youths where they need to be? Lyrically, some of hip-hops most popular songs and musicians have negatively influenced violence, drugs, alcohol, sex, disrespect for authority, and disrespect for woman. For many young children and teenagers, this type of music can create an environment that can become harmful to their lives and education.Parents teach their children to say no to drugs but the rappers whom children look up to are rapping about using drugs and imply that its Kay to use them. Therefore, children will listen to the side that has the most influential power to them. Many who constantly rewind a song and memorize the lyrics, are equally influenced Just as if they were placed directl y in front of the violence and sex and observed them. Statistics has proven that many nightclubs that have had violence occur in them have been playing violent hip-hop music. Hip-hop is like a strong tornado that constantly sweeps us up and spits us back out.But whom its sweeping up are the ones who cannot handle the fall once they are thrown back out. Hip-hop will become better once the artists not only think of their pockets but their listeners, who after all, are listening the most! Today, hip-hop artists are admired and emulated by its fans. With this type of attention comes a responsibility that seems to be lost on many present day performers. Through television, music videos, and other visual forms of media, artists are portraying negative stereotypes and acting in a manner that promotes corruption in todays youth.Earlier in the year the actions of these performers sparked a movement called Take Back the Music. Take Back the Music is a campaign being run by Essence Magazine that focuses on the overly socialized and demeaning images being presented of black women in hip-hop (Ears 1). This captain and others like it prove that there is a problem with the portrayal of hip-hop artists through visual media. An example of visual negativity would be Knells popular video Tip drill, which has scantly clad women, profane language, and explicit acts.This was perhaps one of his highest money making videos of all time. It was so explicit that the video was only aired on BETs late night show, Uncut. The Tip drill video, for some happens to be a that the video has no effect on society and youth would certainly be an understatement. Often times, what society sees on television becomes their reality; when society see videos that condone illegal or high-risk activities such as violence, sexual references, and drugs they begin to imitate these images because they believe these are the right things. Thus, it can easily be stated that hip and videos are leaving a negative effect on society and youth through its explicit content, women as sexual objects, and the degrading language. Negative hip-hop portrayal doesnt stop at visual media. The lyrics that accompany the images are Just as dissolute. Throughout history, music has been used to express a range of emotions, as well as to influence, educate, and inspire. Too often, however, music contains lyrics with negative messages that promote and condone the illegal or high-risk use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.Hip-hop is certainly not an exception to this trend. While many hip-hop songs contain messages about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, few provide an accurate portrayal of the negative uniqueness of substance abuse (Big 1). Not only do hip-hop lyrics have negative messages about substance abuse, but they also contain many racy lyrics that demean women and other groups of people. Looking back to the asses, some of the raciest lyrics included Youve Got to Give Me Some by Bessie Smith. Moving up in time to the asses we hear Soft and Wet and Erotic City by Prince.Both had undeniably require lyrics for the time, but neither can compare to the lyrics of today, which include, Tip Drill by Newly which is full of raunchy, demeaning lyrics (Bryant 1). This continuing trend of more and more raunchy lyrics has gone far enough. Some might say that these are Just lyrics and that the people who listen to them are not effected by their content. In contrast, the rate of gang activity and violence has risen over the last few years. According to recent youth violence statistics done by the Josephus Institute: Large cities claim that 72% of their school violence is attributable to gang activity.Between 1986 and 1992, the total number of children killed by firearms rose by 144 percent. From 1985 to 1993, murders committed by people over age 25 dropped 20 recent; but they increased 65 percent among 18- to 24-year-olds and increased 165 percent among 14- to 17-year-olds. (Youth 1-5) Though it can be said that these statistics may be attributable to many factors, the years that violence rose is directly parallel to those of the rise in popularity of hip- hop music. Ergo, this is not mainly coincidental; hip-hop is having a substantial effect on the gang activity and violence in America.However, some artists are trying to change this. Smith. By bringing comedy and positive meaning into his rap music, Will Smith has hon. himself to be one of the few true role models for the youth that buy hip hop music. Clean-cut, witty, and easygoing, Smiths bubblegum approach was a stark contrast to the dominant, harder-edged rap sound of the period; viewed as a non- threatening alternative to his peers, he received the parental seal of approval, and his appeal spread across racial lines as well (Anyone 1).Smiths success proves even though an artist has positive lyrics and portrayal, doesnt mean they wont be popular. With all the negatives that come from present day hip-hop music one must ask myself, What can be done One idea that would help the situation is to provide todays artists with the information on present violence rates and let them know that they are the key to solving this growing problem.If the most popular artists of today would try to make a positive change in their lyrics, then others would follow suit and make their ly rics positive as well. As long as artists realize they have a responsibility to their fans to advocate a positive outlook and good values; I have no doubt that that violence statistics would reflect that in a positive way. Also, making the media aware of the problem that faces Americas youth could help prevent the negative images that accompany hip-hop.Just changing lyrics to artists songs isnt enough if kids still see their idols performing illicit activities and treating women indignantly they will believe it is okay. The major television stations and music video producers have to step back and analyze what they are portraying. I think with these changes hip-hop can still be popular and still connect with its audience, but it will also give them something to strive for and allow them to have hope for their future.